12658035_462560750620919_2857968687374803936_oWeight control program –duration 7 days

Excess weight is the cause of a number of diseases including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, arterial
hypertension, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, etc. Excess weigh complicated diseases such us
osteoarthritis , spondiloartritis, deep vein insufficiency. Consumption of mineral water is advised in case
of excess weight. It enhances intestinal peristalsis, has diuretic effect and activates the function of
parathyroid glands, pancreas . The smoothing of contractility of intestines increases energy consumption
of the organism and at the same time decreases the nutrient absorption process.

The Center offers unique and intensive weight control programs. The uniqueness of the program is due to
the mineral water, i.e. comprehensive application of the metabolism activating property. This program is
designed for all individuals who are eager to observe noticeable results in a short period, which will
become a start for a healthy lifestyle.

We present you several international research trials results of bicarbonate -rich mineral waters effect on
glycemic control , cholesterol metabolism and diabetic neuropathy.

One-Year Effectiveness of a 3-Week Balneotherapy Program for the Treatment of Overweight or Obesity

Clinical and biochemical effects of a 3-week program of diet combined with spa therapy in obese and diabetic patients: a pilot open study

http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00484-014- 0894-5

Program include:

  • Doctor’s consultation, opening of a medical card
  • Walking in the park (walking pace – by a doctor’s prescription) before the breakfast, dinner and supper (duration around 30 minutes)
  • Consumption of the mineral water before the breakfast, lunch and dinner (timing, quantity and temperature of drinking of mineral water determined individually, by a doctor’s prescription)
  • Clinical examination in the beginning of the program (general blood examination, urine examination, GLU, ECG)
  • Food ration by a dietitian’s prescription (by an individual calculation of an hypocaloric food ration)
  • Massage with vacuum cups , 3 procedures per week
  • Hydrotherapeutic procedures underwater massage, mineral bath, Sharco
  • Fat reducing wrap, Vichy shower 2 procedures per week
  • Colon irrigation  procedures per week
  • Hydrokinesiotherapy every day
  • Zumba , shaping every day
  • Medicinal teas (fruit and green jasmine teas, teas for soothing abdominal pains, Rooibos tea with orange, liver cleansing tea, spice and fruit tea, mood-elevating herbal tea, organic green tea, English black tea, oolong tea, etc)
  • Individual consultation and development of an individual health plan

Package price 360.000 AMD/ 7 days