Jermuk Resort Town is situated in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Armenia, at 2080 m altitude above sea level. The settlement has been mentioned since the ancient times, yet the town was established in 1940’s.

The 40 hot springs in the territory of the Town rich in various microelements heal different diseases. The Town has hosted and continues to host many guests from all over the world, who arrive not only for treatment with hot and cold mineral waters, but also to enjoy abound fascinating natural attractions: lush greenery, fairy gardens, magnificent mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and gorges and the red-warm sun. The Town attracts also visitors with its unique architectural style.

Through the oral receptors , the mineral water arouses reflector effect on cardio-vascular system, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system and kidneys.

The mineral water stimulates receptors in gastrointestinal tract, and activate the functions of the liver and biliary tract, pancreas, kidneys and other organs.

Cold and less mineralized waters pass from the stomach to the duodenum quicker than waters with medium or high mineral content. Low mineral content waters are quickly dissolved from the intestin causing diuretic effect, whereas waters with medium and high mineral content dissolve slowly and irritate the membrane of intestines, smoothing their contractility. Intake of water in large quantity removes products of metabolism and endogenous and exogenous poisons from the organism. Mineral maters actively influence on alkali acid reaction of the organism. Bicarbonate- rich waters activate the alkaline reaction (Jermuk mineral waters have alkaline reaction). The mineral water intensifies the production of the gastrin hormone that stipulates the blood flow, improves microcirculation of the stomach, pancreas, liver and biliary tract, minimizes tissue hypoxia and regulates secretion and motility. In the mechanism of therapeutic effect of the mineral water, the intensive change of tissue metabolism in digestive organs plays an important role, which depends on physical and chemical properties of the mineral water.

Components of the mineral water also influence receptors in blood vessels and the vegetative nervous system and activity metabolic processes in the organism. Mineral water highly effective for patients with Tipe 2 Diabetes .

Concentration of microelements per liter of mineral water, expressed in grams

Lithium (li+) 0.0037Cl- (Cl-) 0.4757
Potassium (K+) 0.089Bromine (Br-) 0.00005
Natrium (Na+) 1.211Fluorine (F-) 0.0001
Magnesium (Mg++) 0.0744Sulphate (SO4- -) 0.9
Calcium (Ca++) 0.148Hydrophosphate (HPO4-) 0.0150
Strontium (Sr++) 0.0038Hydrocarbonate (HCO3-) 2.243
Ferrum (Fe+++,Fe ++) 0.0008Free gas (CO2) 0.5-0.8

We present you several international research trials results of bicarbonate -rich mineral waters effect on glycemic control , cholesterol metabolism and diabetic neuropathy.

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